We pick the furniture or household item you choose directly from the shop.

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We bring the item to your home. No worries for carrying companies!

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If you don't have the tools or time, we can assemble the item at your house.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions We Encounter

It looks like you have found your way to our FAQ pages. Our helpful customer care staff who are at hand 24/7 will be more than glad to answer all your inquires but hopefully, you'll find the answer to some of your questions bellow.

When can you do furniture delivery?

We can do it any day of the week. The team will deliver the items for you in the afternoon of any day, as we do the Shopping from IKEA on the same day of the service.

How does your service work?

We book the service in for you, and then we send you confirmation email. As we need the shopping list from IKEA, we kindly ask you to send it as a reply to the confirmation email. Then our colleagues will send you our bank details, as we need to obtain the amount for the items only before the service, so we can provide the team with the money needed. Then we deliver the items right to your door!

Can you assemble the items for me?

We can do it even on the same day of the delivery, we just need to know in advance!

What if the space in my property is not enough for assembly?

The furniture fitters could assist clients with moving existing furniture within the residence in order to clear up space. However, our company as well as the employees we hire, don't hold any responsibility for any damage inflicted upon the client's property during this process.

Do you install shelves, blinds, cupboards and wardrobes?

Absolutely! However, it would be best if you inform us in advance so we can bring the proper equipment. In some cases, a wardrobe cannot be fitted together lying down. This often happens when the ceiling is way too low, or there simply isn't enough space. Usually we would tackle this obstacle by assembling the said wardrobe standing up. This would require at least two technicians. So state ceiling clearance when you ask for your quotation.

Do you assemble brands of furniture other than IKEA?

Yes. We are familiar with all brands of flat packs available in the UK. Sleepmasters, Dwell, Peter Jones, Next, Habitat, Argos, Homebase – you name it, we assemble it!

Can you disassemble my old flat packs? I want to get rid of them.

Yes, the technician can disassemble them but you need to arrange a rubbish removal service in order to get rid of them.

What happens with all the packaging?

We can not dispose of the leftover package for you but the technicians won't cause any mess to you.

What happens if some pieces of furniture or hardware are missing/damaged?

If there are a few bolts missing, we will probably be able to replace those. However, if more crucial parts are missing (or faulty), then we shall conduct a report and refer you to the retailer.

When do I pay?

For the delivery, and optional assembly, payment is requested after completion of the service.

How can I be sure that when I send you the money you will not disappear with them?

We always send In voice to our clients when payment is received, so you will have all our detail

Where exactly is this service available?

In London, within the M25 zone. For reference check the Areas We Cover map located on the left side.

What about your availability?

Our regular work hours are from 9am to 7pm and our services are available seven days per week, even during the weekends and bank holidays. You can arrange an early-morning or an evening appointment for an extra charge.

The team have tools, right?

Yes, the technicians bring everything necessary to assemble your flat packs.

Can you come today?

If our schedule allows it, we are able to arrange a same-day visit.

What happens if I cancel my appointment?

If you cancel a service 48 hours (or less) before the made appointment, we reserve the right to charge you for an hour of work.

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