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Clients' Reviews

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'Our office relocation went easy because of you guys. All furniture was delivered and assembled as it should and we were able to continue our work right away. Thanks!'

Reviewed by Matthew Barrett on 12-04-2017

'Thanks to Simple Assembly my bed was assembled in due time. I couldn't handle it myself since I was moving in to a new apartment'

Reviewed by Abigail Barnett on 27-05-2016

'I was worried getting anyone off the street to help me assemble few pieces of furniture bought from IKEA. A friend of mine recommended your flat pack assembly services. Your assembler did a fantastic job!'

Reviewed by Katherine Giles on 25-05-2016

'Thanks for assembling the three wardrobes I had. I couldn't have finished putting them together as fast as you did.'

Reviewed by Nicole Crawford on 19-05-2016

'Hard working and responsive. That's how I'd describe the job your assemblers did for me. Thanks.'

Reviewed by Kieran Austin on 16-05-2016

'Simple Assembly were a great help after moving in to a new house. Two assemblers came in to disassemble the old furniture and make room for the new ones. It was a long day, but if it wasn't for you guys it would have taken us weeks before finishing.'

Reviewed by Bethany O'Sullivan on 13-05-2016

'Highly recommended assembly services. The assembler came on time, immediately started putting together what looked like a nightmare to put together, a flat pack kitchen.'

Reviewed by Sebastian Ashton on 09-05-2016

'The hubby was gone for the weekend and IKEA delivered our flat pack Friday afternoon. Thanks to Simple Assembly responsiveness an assembler came in the next day, Saturday. He quickly disassembled the old furniture, to make room for the new ones. After that Tim put together the flat pack furniture we had bought. Half a day work for all this was really amazing in my opinion.'

Reviewed by Scarlett Stewart on 28-04-2016

'Finally, my rocking chairs arrived and I was very glad. But the thing is, I had no idea how to put them together – I've never been good with following the written instructions. Thanks for helping out!'

Reviewed by Kate Wilson on 22-01-2016

'Thank you very much for delivering my IKEA flat packs to my home in Lewisham. There was no way I could do it by myself using the subway.'

Reviewed by Sara on 22-01-2016

'Thanks for helping me out with my PAX wardrobe. Everyone has always told me it's hard to put together one of those things, but I never realised until I bough one of my own. Keep up the good work!'

Reviewed by Kyle M. on 18-01-2016

'Thanks for coming to disassemble my furniture on such a short notice. My moving to Islington would have been a complete nightmare if I had to move my flat pack items in one piece.'

Reviewed by J.J. on 08-01-2016

'Your IKEA delivery service sure saved me some serious nerve wrecking experience. I think I'll call you again in the future. No reason to go to IKEA when I can pay somebody else to do it. Cheers!'

Reviewed by Burton B. on 07-01-2016

'Furniture assembly has always been a huge pain for me. A friend recommended I try your company and I must say I’m satisfied. Your assemblers worked fast and left no spare bolts or nails. That has never been the case with me. Anyway, thanks again.'

Reviewed by Pamela Peters on 03-12-2015

'I’m really not too good with my hands and always ask friends to help me out with furniture. This time nobody was available so I went online and found Simple Assembly. I’m impressed with how quickly your technicians managed to put together my wardrobe. Would definitely call you again.'

Reviewed by Kyle Blake on 21-11-2015

'A huge thank you for assembling my Pax wardrobe. That thing is huge and probably would have taken me an entire day If I had to assemble it by myself.'

Reviewed by M. Popson on 10-11-2015

'I needed some large items disassembled before my move and your company gave me the best deal. Thanks, mates!'

Reviewed by Jane Parker on 23-10-2015

'I am very glad that I used your assembly service. I've never been good with these things so it's nice that you helped me out. We all gather around the new coffee table every day and enjoy warm beverages – thanks a lot!'

Reviewed by Ellie Adam on 28-09-2015

'Hey, I just wanted to thank you for assembling my new sofa for me. I don't know how it happened but I lost the assembly schematic and I was clueless what to do. Next time, I'll be more careful but at least I know that I can always call you.'

Reviewed by Max Owen on 23-07-2015

'To my surprise, assembling the kitchen table turned out to be quite the challenge. Good thing I booked your service. The guys assembled the table in no time! Thanks a lot and I will call you again if I need help.'

Reviewed by Dylan William on 16-07-2015

'We were very happy when the new bookshelves arrived. However, we realized that we had no idea how to assemble them properly. The schematic was right there but I wasn't sure if I could follow it. Thanks for putting our bookshelves together, you did a great job!'

Reviewed by Amelia Benjamin on 08-06-2015

'The cupboards were delivered to my grandmother's place. However, she is old and fragile so she couldn't handle the assembly. I want to thank you for doing it for her – I appreciate the service.'

Reviewed by Aaron Connor on 29-05-2015

'We moved into the new apartment but neither of us had the time to unpack the furniture and assemble it properly. Then we figured it would be best to just call you. Thanks for the service, we would definitely recommend you to anyone!'

Reviewed by Oliver Jones on 07-05-2015

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